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Water To Go Virginia - Water Delivery Company
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Please contact us for any question you have regarding our water delivery, 5 gallon water bottle, home water delivery, water delivery for office or water quality, and we will be happy to answer your question.
Question Why do we need to worry so much about water quality?
Answer Water:
• Regulates Body Temperature.
• Composes 75% of Brain.
• Helps carry Nutrients and Oxy gen to cells.
• Moistens Oxygen for Breathing.
• Makes up 83% of Blood.
• Removes Waste.
• Accounts for 22% of Bones.
• Cushions Joints.
• Makes up 75% of Muscles.
• Helps Body Absorb Nutrients.
• Helps Convert Food into Energy.
Question What types of containers do we use at Water To Go?
Answer PC#7 (Polycarbonate bottle) Keeps water fresh, pure and great tasting. Safe for years and will not breakdown.
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