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Oxygenated Water

Oxygenated water is purified water that has had additional oxygen introduced into the water under pressure. It has several health benefits for human body. By drinking purified oxygenated water people can get more oxygen into bloodstream.

Oxygen in the body helps promote the replication of good bacteria in the body. These good bacteria help to keep our body safe from bad bacteria that will harm us and make us sick. In fact, pathogens (micro-organisms that cause disease) are almost never found in oxygen rich environments.

As a result, people with a lot of oxygen in their bloodstream, are much healthier and much
less apt to get a virus or a bacterial infection. On the flip side, people without a lot of oxygen
in their bodies will be more lackadaisical and more apt to sickness.

Oxygenated water not only help people while they are exercising, it also helps people feel better and be healthier. Oxygenated water is good for the body in the short term and in
the long run.
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