12 Step Water Purification Process

Step 1  
Ion Exchange
Removes metals and radiation.
Step 2  
Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Removes chemicals such as chlorine and bleach.
Step 3  
Sediment Filter
One micron filter removes all sediments from water.
Step 4  
PSI Booster Pump
Pressurizes water to pass through reverse osmosis membrane.
Step 5  
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration
Removes salts and other impurities from water. This step reduces inorganic contaminants and some radioactive materials.
Step 6  
Ozone Re-pressurize Pump
Pulls water away from FDA approved polyethylene holding tank and pressurizes for remaining stages.
Step 7  
Ozone Generator
Ozone is the fastest and most thorough disinfectant available for water, leaving no harmful residue.
Step 8  
Ozone Mixing Tank
Allows a thorough mixing of natural-occurring minerals into the water.
Step 9  
Re-pressurizing pump
Re-pressurizing pump.
Step 10  
Post GAC Filtration
Post carbon filtration takes out remaining tastes and odors.
Step 11  
Post Sediment Filtration
One micron filter, picks up residues that water may contain.
Step 12  
Ultraviolet Disinfection
Ultraviolet lights destroy biological contaminants and inactive viruses and bacteria.
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