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Always clean your new crock or cooler before use. It makes no sense to put purified water in a contaminated container! We recommend using a sponge, warm purified water and baking soda.

Before placing a bottle on your water crock or water cooler, wash hands and wipe off the top of the bottle, especially around the neck. Dust and dirty hands can contaminate the water. Do not place coolers, dispensers and bottles in direct sunlight.

Periodic home sanitation of reusable 5 gallon water bottles, containers, crocks and coolers are highly recommended! Since plastics are porous, we do not suggest using chemicals or bleach for sanitizing. These will leave a smell or taste in your container. We recommend using hydrogen peroxide. Simply dilute with purified water and rinse. Hydrogen peroxide is not corrosive like bleach and will not leave any unpleasant taste, odor or residue.

Not all containers are made for reuse. Some are designed as single-use containers and can break down over time (especially milky white one-gallon bottles and 2 1/2 gallon refegeritor dispensers sold in many stores). Purified Water To Go sells high quality, environmentally friendly bottles and containers that are specifically designed and manufactured for reuse and refilling.

Purified water will last for a number of years, when properly sealed and stored in a sanitary container. Our reusable bottles and containers are perfect for long-term storage. We recommend keeping an extra supply of bottled water for emergancies. You should maintain a three to five day supply for each member of your household including pets.
We recommend that all water coolers stay unplugged in an upright position for several hours prior to activating to allow the coolant to settle. This will help optimize your water cooler’s performance.
For transportation purposes, the spout on your water crock may not be completely tightened. Make sure the rubber washer(s) is against the crock to assure a water tight seal and check the spout Before you add water.

Water crocks normally absorb and sweat up to 1/2 pint of water a month. This absorption and condensation is normal and enhances the insulative and cooling qualities of your water crock. We recommend that you do not set your crock on fine wood surfaces or tables as condensation may cause damage. If you set your crock on a tile or scratchable surface, please take appropriate precautions to avoid damaging the surface.
Always store your bottled water in a cool, dark place. Make sure the bottles are sealed tightly and away from chemicals or cleaning products. We discourage storage in your garage or shed if you are in a high temperature climate. Extreme temperatures can affect the shelf life of your bottled water and container. For the Freshest water, we recommend consumption within a few weeks.

Do not let your containers (filled or empty) sit in a hot car or trunk, especially in the summertime! Hot temperatures can cause various bottles to bulge and warp. When transporting or storing empty containers, always loosen or remove the caps.
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