Looking for bottled water delivery
for your home, look no further.
  We specialise in office delivery of
our 5 gallon bottles of pure water.
  Water To Go provide a large range
of water coolers for home and office.



change your water, change your life.

As part of Northern Virginia’s only clean water club, Water To Go members enjoy pure and healthiest water that has been purified using Particle Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, UV Light and Ionizing technologies that work in combination to create the cleanest water available anywhere. We provide water home delivery and water delivery for office services as well as in-store pickup. Find out more details on our Packages page.

We have a “Think Globally, Act Locally” philosophy

30 million water bottles are disposed of every day in America creating an enormous burden on, not only our environment, but our economy. Billions of tax-payer dollars are allocated to waste-management systems worldwide to process the plastics created for bottled water. Reusing water locally not only conserves it, but saves the cost of transporting it, pumping it, bottling it and avoids draining one place to quench the thirst of another.

At Water To Go, we want you to have the purest water available. We will never lock you into a contract if you can find it anywhere else.

Drinking purified and contaminant-free water is an important part of staying healthy

Adequate hydration throughout the day can:
Increase metabolism
Increase energy levels
Improve circulation
Regulate Body Temperature
Rid your body of bacteria
Relieve headaches
Assist in weight loss
Decrease risk of certain cancers including:
colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer
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